Protective Clothing Recommendations

Whether you're a track-novice or a seasoned circuit rider, good-quality protective equipment is a must-have.

Read on below for our recommendations...

Please note: Unfortunately, we're unable to supply hire suits or equipment in the 2024 season, sorry about that.

Example shown: BMW Motorrad ProRace Suit

One- or Two-piece Leather Suit

Most modern manufacturers produce protective suits that are fit for use on track. The key elements to look for are a high-quality leather thickness, reinforced stitching on panels, along with CE protection in key areas like knees, hips, shoulders and elbows. Your suit should provide full coverage, and be tailored enough to fit you closely, without restricting your movement.

If opting for a two-piece suit, please be aware that we can only permit the use of suits with a full 270-360° zip, sometimes described as a 'long/full connection' zip attachment. This should begin and end on the front of the hips, covering the whole body. Unfortunately, we cannot permit the use of suits that use the 'short connection' attachment, where the suit is only joined in the small of the back by a zip of 6-8 inches, for rider safety.

*NEW for 2024* Following the standardisation of protection requirements by circuits in the UK, all riders must now wear a back protector at all times while riding with us. Most suit designs now have this included when purchasing, however, you can also retro-fit a back protector if you have an older suit or a type sold without one.

Example shown: BMW Motorrad Race Helmet

BSI 6658 type A-rated Helmet, with ACU Gold Stamp

Your helmet should be a full-face style, that meets the BSI 6658 Type A rating, with the ACU Gold Stamp, most commonly found on the back of the helmet at the nape of the neck. If no ACU rating is displayed, please do contact your manufacturer to confirm the rating.

Please note, tinted visors are prohibited.

Example shown: BMW Motorrad ProRace Gloves

Leather circuit-approved Gloves

Gloves should be a model rated for use on track, with a long-style cuff and wrist-strap to secure these over your sleeve. As we’ll be focusing on fine dexterity on the controls, your gloves should fit you closely on the fingertips, and not be bulky or loose.

Example shown: BMW Motorrad ProRace Boots

Calf-length Leather motorcycle boots

Boots should be a model rated for use on track, in a taller calf-height style to provide optimum protection. Please be aware Titanium sliders and boot edges are prohibited.